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We now have the base for everything we need in game, including boss battles!!

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Normy here, bringing you another late update on the progress of space chaos.

A lot has been done since our last update and we are almost ready for a v0.6 or v.07 build video. If Garcy and I have another few full load work days we will be ready in a week or two for a very good video that will excite our fans :D

So here's a small list of things we've implemented lately. We've done much more, but I'd like to keep the list short and bite sided for short attention spanned gammers like myself :)

* We have a small story to follow by, or rather just to start you off.
* A slight chat system, more of being told what to do rather than any choices haha
* Our defender levels are complete with a timer and health to an object as well as enemies. We refer this to a defender, but you may be attacking also.
* We've just laid the foundation for side scrolling missions, apposed to the 'defender' missions before where it was a free'er roam area. The side scrollers will be more typical like older games.
* We have afew bosses created just not implemented. Boss battles will be in game, and will be lengthy and difficult!
* Of course the code has been we-worked a thousand times because Garcy is the best optimizer on this planet (I get over 4,000 fps)
* Loading screens have been put in. Loading? What? Yes. Loading screens. To boost performance and reduce load on lower end systems they are needed. But I prettied them up with some fancy paintings.
* WE HAVE PARTICLE EFFECTS!!! I'm quite happy to have particle effects in game and I have been pushing Garcy to work on them and add more and more. You're going to love them. It may not seem like much, but for out very very first game to have particle effects. It's insane for us.
* Asteroids with health. Asteroids break apart, crack and then finally explode into bits.

Anyways, there is a small list. I'll post some screenshots and art soon enough for you to drool over.
You should be seeing more frequent posts from us now seeing as we're implementing more visual things quicker now because before it was making it all work.

Don't forget to hit that watch button, not long now till the release date *gulp*

Much love,

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