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We were having some problems with performance before, the actual problem was a small oversight and not clearing a certain value

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So imagine this. You're at home, screwing around with the code of your game when suddenly

Oh Shi-
Performance drops to 2 FPS, Task Manager shows the game using 25% of the CPU and bogging, forcing you to quit it the hard way.

The Issue?

Upon leaving the home map, quitting the game, and starting up the game again in the out-of map area, the game adds a ridiculous number of high-resolution maps, pancaked on top of each other, and dropping the FPS to at least 2.

Just imposing a simple .Clear(); statement has rendered the problem gone.

previous versions may have had this problem, which might have been contributing to FPS issues in the past.

Next! To check if the blocks are doing the same!

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