Want FOTONICA on Steam? help us with Steam GreenLight, we'll release new content if the game is successful!

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Our Steam GreenLight campaign it's live, so if you think FOTONICA has the guts to be part of the Steam lineup, please, help us spread the word and get Greenlit.

Steam GreenLight:

FOTONICA has been out in its current form for 1 year now, but we want to bring it to you on Steam! If we can manage to get Fotonica to steam we will add the current content to the game:

+ 2 Completely New Levels! with new awesome electornic music and new scenery!
+ 2 New Endless levels with different aesthetics and music and play styles
+ 2 Difficulty settings to let you play an even faster version of Fotonica
+ 4 new 2-player levels
+ 10 New Achievements!
+ New options to customize your soundtrack, the position of the camera and more.

Each and every FOTONICA owner will receive a Steam Key for the game, no matter where you bought it!

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