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Fox, one of the main characters, is here. This is good 'cause means things are getting done, well done. I'm really happy with it, though I know there's a lot to improve and a lot left to do, but this is a good start for me.

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Welcome home Fox :)

It's been quite a journey for me to arrive here. From the begging to what it has become. It may seem that nothing has changed at all, that this is only a character creation timelapse ; well, it is, but actually a lot of things have — even me.

Fox meets the Prince is now more real than ever. It's really happening. Fox is one of the most important characters of it ( seems obvious ) so his birth means that a lot of work is done behind the scenes. Still a lot to do, but this is the point where things can only move forward.

My current goal is the first teaser trailer of Fox meets the Prince. It should be happening on 12th December ( 2015 ) and after that I shall be publishing an open demo ^^ But, anyways, for now the only thing I can do is keep working and share my work.

Fox — Youtube thumbnail

This is the YouTube thumbnail of the video. Not that cool, but just a bit of art so you get in mood.


Looks pretty sweet.

By the way, what program did you use to make the clothes? I'm curious.

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resourcev Author

It's called "Marvelous Designer 5", I actually said it in the video, guess I haven't been that clear anyways

Thank you ^^

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No problem!

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