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Rebuild of the GamesModding hosted forums. Head on over there and check out the new and improved Rebirthe Forums.

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I did a complete rebuild of the forums.

What?! You didn't know there was a forum on GamesModding?!
I'm ashamed of you, son.

Now you can have a place to adequately post about bugs, glitches, kinks, and any other thing you might just have an issue about. Oh yes, and you can also post guides, read guides, post feedback, suggest feedback, and rant about how I gave gloves sockets.

Smart innovation, wouldn't you say?

BTW. I did a complete rebalance of the game and drops, so now you can't throw your CRT monitor out of a three story building just because you got ub3rpwn3d by a Quill Rat in the Blood Moor.

Because of this, Necromancers start with a sword that has Raise Skeleton on it, monsters do 4x less damage in normal (2x in Nightmare, full damage in Hell) as they did before, monsters have additional Damage Resist based on what part of the Act you are in, and treasure drops have been completely overhauled. Magic items are stronger, and cost more money from vendors. Magic, Rare, Set, and Uniques are dropped based on what section of the act you're in, and are generally rarer than the base LOD drops (except for close to the end of the act, which is slightly better).

The Fire Maggot Lair has been completed, with these bosses:

Brood Mother Askara (Extra Strong, drops Broodling Blanket, Broodling Bib, Broodling Plaything, and Broodling Satchel. In the Fire Maggot Broodling Den)

Mama Roach (Fire Enchanted, Immune to Fire, drops Slimy Dagger, Antennae Guard, and Acid-covered Sword. In the Fire Maggot Broodling Den)

Foreman Sludge (Fire Enchanted, Extra Strong, drops Sludge's Malice, Slimescepter and The Goo Rod. In Fire Maggot Food Storage)

Blazebeetle (Fire Enchanted, Extra Strong, drops Blazing Boots, Flamelash, and Smoke Vision. In Fire Maggot Food Storage)

The Slimelord (Extra Strong, Spectral Hit, drops Lord of the Slime's Scepter, Dripping Hammer, Hardened Goo Sash, and Slime-covered Trinket. In the Fire Maggot Queen's Lair)

Eclipse (Cursed, Spectral Hit, drops Daigunkapheiter (Sword), in the Fire Maggot Queen's Lair)

Queen of the Fire Maggots (Magic Resistant, drops Fire Maggot Eggs, and The Queen's Shell. In the Fire Magot Queen's Lair)

Next up: Faith Cathedral. This will be a replacement for The Halls of the Dead, and will feature a boss that makes clones of himself, totems that make nearby monsters invincible, and a number of new bosses. Keep your eyes peeled for any new screenshots!

In our last section for the day, I will explain to you some of the new Assassin skills planned.

Monkey Stance (Stance) - Bonus to throwing weapons and daggers while this stance is active.
Mantis Stance (Stance) - Bonus to claws while this stance is active.
Medic Stance (Stance) - Regain life and mana, at the cost of speed and attack rating.

Now go join the forums, kiddies ^_^

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