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Soon we will have a forum up and running so that you guys can visit us more often and we will be right there to talk & chat, give your opinions.

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We Are Creating a Forum for the Zombie Modification for Far Cry 2 In hope of gaining more support and also because we feel it is best that we do so that way we can get as much feedback and idea's as possible also we would like Map Idea's and possibly somebody else will be able to join the team and assist us with this because it isn't the easiest road to go down considering the fact that nobody as far as we know has figured out how to crack into the .FAT File and get the Information you need and rezip it we have somebody currently working on this matter and it will be resolved shortly so that we can get a full pledged update on the mod with hopefully zombies Included in the pictures and some of the upcoming vehicles being Used, What we are gonna currently Employ In the Mod is:
*A Couple Vehicles From Far Cry 2 (ATV,Utility Truck,Buggy,)
*All Weapons Will Stay as they do not need to be modified and there is plenty of them to go around.
*Skin Imports From GTA IV and SWAT Truck & Car Imports, Will be reskinned to fit the Far cry 2 Enviroment.
If you have any Further Questions PM Me.

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