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Our forums are open, sign up and discuss Beyond Sol with the devs. Also a free downloadable demo is in the works, read on for details.

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Join the dev team in the forums and share your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and hopes for Beyond Sol.We announced Beyond Sol after only four months of development because we want to share the journey of creating this game with you.

Up to now we’ve been demonstrating our prototype with an emphasis on a couple of key features that we think are exciting but now we want you to try it and tell us what you think. To this end we’ve opened our forums so we can start a dialog with you and get your early impressions, but this is also a precursor to the upcoming playable demo.

Our current development milestone is all about closing the core game loop and producing a free playable demo. This very, very, very, early version of the game will have representative elements of the core experience and serve as our foundation upon which we will add features and content. This is one of the most exciting phases in game development and we want you to be a part of it.

Sign up for our forums and stay tuned for the demo.

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