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Hi everyone, recently i've just created a forum where you can register and get the lastest news of the game, also socialize with other user and ask questions make your suggestion and whatever that comes to your mind.

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Yeahh shinobis, now i've just created a forum for the game, there i will be posting updates and you can socialize with other players, it's a little bit empty yet but with your help we will be more and more, register and introduce yourself in the forum, ask questions and make suggestions.

Ok let's talk about the game:

I've been testing some jutsus, defense jutsus are working well, and some basic forward movement jutsus like fireball water dragon, etc. An as i told you in last updates, the combination with weapons is W.I.P now, i still making the concept and just gathering my ideas to make a final decition, that's a very important part of the game, so jutsus and weapons need to be perfect I'm just having troubles with the jutsu creation point, every jutsu goes out from a custom creation point, and also i've started programming the jutsus animations when the player creates them, and effects like particles or lights.


So, now you just can throw singles shurikens, single kunais, multi shuriken/kunais and a big shuriken, but now it's time to take the weapons system to the next level. combination,cheat, explosives, and specials. The weapons bellow aren't textured.They have different speed and damage and the can hurt other players, and the animations of the model are done and there are 4 different animations.


My taijutsu still WIP i'll have to fix some bugs that are very funny, but i'll have to finish it after i finish the weapons system. The animations are done so now i have to code , that sword it's the test sword, i'm planning to code sword later but i want to know how that sword looks in the game, this week will be long. but remember to keep in touch in the forum and facebook.


And as you saw, i used different clothes in the picture, that was testing the customization meshes and how the clothes will be, i have tops, bottoms arms accessories, masks, shoes, gloves,hair, upper top,head bands, etc.., i had those meshes done and saved, and now it's time to put them together to code them later.

That's all for today, i hope you like and the next video will be available soon, talking about the jutsus the weapons and taijutsu.

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