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Note: All SP news was not by me, but by the SP RGX and Admin. If you wish to stream, here are some rules to follow and a Q&A. See the content. Originally by RGX.

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1. "Animator" & "Privileged Members" groups are able to access more areas of the forum. To become a Animator simply contribute a Sonic animation to Sonic Paradox. To gain "Privileged Members" status you must earn a good reputation on the forum over time.
2. Please type correctly, we understand no one is perfect and we don't expect you to spell every word correctly with all the proper punctuations but if we can't understand what you're saying, you have a problem.
3. No all CAPS, unless necessary. "IT WILL MAKEZ U LOOK STUPIDZ"
4. Do not post flash files without a silent pre-loader.
5. Don't double post, there is an "Edit" button for a reason.
6. Watch the length of your signature. Your allowed to put as much space as you want but if your signature is too long or filled with so many graphics that can lag the boards, we won't hesitate to edit or delete your signature.
7. Try to avoid using too much slang or abbreviations.
8. Do not start Flame wars, if you have a problem with another member, ignore him/her. Any backlash or constant arguing will result in a ban.
9. When criticizing other's work, be polite and prove a point. Don't say anything pointless and offending such as "this is crap". As well, if you cannot take criticism, then you probably don't belong here.
10. If you are tempbanned, don't ban evade, otherwise you'll never be allowed on the boards again.
11. SPAM is not tolerated, don't do it.
12. Make sure you create topics that are relevant to the thread.
13. Try to stay on topic while posting. This includes no role playing; its pointless and annoying.
14. Be polite and courteous, we are a community and we should act like one.
15. Don't abuse the smilies, they're cute and all but we don't need hundreds of them to know how your feeling.
16. Do not under any circumstance reveal your true identity or your location for security reasons.
17. Under no circumstances are you to steal anyone's work and claim it as your own. If you do, it will result in a perma-ban.
18. From now on, sharing illegal files of any sort is not allowed on the forums, if you need to do it so badly, do it outside the forums.
19. No back seat Modding, let us do our job people.
20. You may advertise your website only on your "Signature". Few exceptions would be in certain topics which require you to submit a link to a website which contains your work. This also counts for any websites, advertising or requests to join a site are not allowed.
21. Do not ask for any lines from our voice actors unless you have some work to show. We don't want to waste their time, do we? No.
22. We will not teach you how to animate or how to become one, please don't ask.
23. Do not quote huge amounts of text or very large graphics as they stretch the board and can cause lag/improper page loading. Quote only necessary text if needed.
24. Never put other user's personal information on the forums without permission.
25. Do not ask when the next flash project is coming out.
26. Do not post porn on the boards nor display it on your avatar. This is absolutely "NOT" tolerated.
27. Don't 'necropost' in any thread. Necroposting is where you are reviving a dead topic by posting in it after one or more months since the last post. However, if you truly have something to add to the relevancy of the thread, then that would be allowed. Normally, if the thread is dead, it's probably dead for a reason.
28. Unauthorized users under the age of thirteen (13) will have their accounts deleted without notice upon discovery. If a parent or legal guardian authorizes you to join please let them read the rules and that most users on this forum are teenagers or adults, its not recommended for kids to be on this forum because of what some members may say.

If you have any recommendations for any additional rules, don't hesitate to ask me, or the administrators. (*other Mods can't edit this post)

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