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We've been really, really busy working on our mid-second alpha, here are some new screenshots(and a new video) of our recent work, oh and don't forget to vote for us for Indie Of The Year! Thanks!

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Hello again everybody! We're working on some of the RPG elements of our game now(to be shown in a video VERY soon) with lots of customization of your past and recent history(and there are also new guilds you can join), that update coming soon, as for now, here is some new, very beautiful water, complete with distorted reflections. We also included some of our older screens of a major city in Fortis Rex and an open field for your enjoyment!

Don't forget to vote for us for Indie Of The Year, we couldn't do it without you! Thank you all so much!

SinKing - - 3,119 comments

I wonder why the reflection on the surface is so much darker and more saturated than the real sky. On the close ups of the water it looks very dark, almost like a stream of oil. Maybe you can work on the transparency some more.

About the 3rd image: The castle is situated nicely. I think instead of creating the entire mountain from terrain, you should make some rock meshes to stick out of the erroded mountain. Also, blending with another material (rock) seems like a good idea on the mountain.
On the same imaqe: a second ridge of mountains before the skydome could help increase the depth of the image. Also adding some height fog would create a better atmosphere.

The ground texture looks pretty low-res. If it had normal maps, it might already look better. But why not use a slightly higher resolution texture?
How are you doing on performance with all the gras rendered? If you plan to have battles with lots of enemies on those plains, do you think it will get laggy?

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LordNelson7 Author
LordNelson7 - - 161 comments

Hello! Thank you for the comment! The real time reflections are still a work in progress, we recently re-did the mountain recently with some new textures, once we get more of the game world done it will look a little more "filled-in", we've been seriously thinking about adding some height fog, but always disliked the level of visibility(not being able to see so far off), but perhaps some light fog would work nice, we are definitely going to have some pretty heavy fog in the Forest Of Whispers, however.

We can tile the textures some more at any time, but we wanted a decent distance rendering as well as close-up. The performance on grass is very good, on our main system(gets around 13,000 in 3dmark 06, 2500 in 3dmark 11) which is about average with most gaming systems, there is a small slowdown with a large amount of grass(around 2-5 FPS). Battles now(on our test system) are around 175 troops with a framerate between 15-28 FPS, depending on your proximity from a large number of troops.

Thank you again! Any more questions just let me know!

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