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A quick update to tell what we're working on now and what we will be working on.

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Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've done an update for Fortis Rex, and we've been working hard on three new big features: FACIAL CUSTOMIZATION, TROOP COMMAND, AND HORSE COMBAT!

We've almost completed the facial customization system, and a video of it will soon be uploaded for you all to check out. Our team is working hard on horse combat now, and we've completed most of the basic animations for the horse. Our troop command system is coming along quite nicely, and basic melee combat is being polished now.

We are also working on a high-res face for the dialogue system, as well as a custom facial customization system for this high-poly face.

There will be a battle command mode, in which you can command your troops to defeat an army of enemy troops. This battle command mode will allow you to choose from several different commands to more efficiently command your army.

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