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The teams level designer "Dave" talks about the mod , how he was recruited , and the ideas so far that are being developed.

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Post written by the teams Unreal Level Designer "Dave" or "Moody" on Xbox Live.
The higher ups wanted me to put something up here , so heres abit more information for you all to chew on.


Its an idea based on work by Masamune Shirow , Fallout 3 , Red Faction and a couple of other borrowed ideas that we are in the process of redesigning now as our own IP , because thats where ideas come from now a days , other ideas.

So we throw around all these ideas , and in turn , they smash into each other and create completely new and original ones. The idea is to put all the characters , vehicles , and weapons ingame first after they have been visualized and modeled , and then work on the levels later on.

Gameplay ideas

The Multiplayer system is something we wanted to work on and change slightly , and atm we are trying to recruit anyone with good Unreal script skills , we plan to intergrate a "field upgrade system" similar to the shop featured in "Killing Floor" for UT2004 , or more commonly known in "Counter Strike" , but we want to take this one further and have it so you can buy things such as vehicles , mutant powers , additional guns and such whilst on the move , making the gameplay abit more unpredictable.

Recruitment At the moment

At the moment the visualisation stage will take a while , but we hope to recruit people who can help that process advance , and be able to take an idea and run with it , so that we may produce something that looks quite visually appealing and will play well ingame too.

If you have any questions , applications or samples of work , please send them to :

Catch you later


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