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upcoming news and beta

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hello everyone, tomorrow the beta v91 is going to be released! i have to say about the mod.

this is a beta so there is some small glitches in the game.

this is what includes the download:

the mod has an english - spanish language file.

slp graphics file (gamedata_x3 and ad-gamedata).

new music tracks.

a credits text file and changelog file (english and spanish).

the 2 version of the mod data_x3 (purple and brown colors).

the changelog file only says the changes that has the current version.

so there is a list of the most notable changes.

new civ bonus for: britons, portuguese, ethio, mali, malay, berber, khmer, indians, incas.

units changes: canoes can fish, they faster than fishing ships but are only avaible for mesoamerican civs.

heroe envoy has their own sprites.

ranged infantery, arambai and ballista elephants are affected by blacksmith.

some warships are affected by dry docks, every siege unit are affected by furor celtica and drill techs.

canoes and fishing ships are affected by town center techs.

building changes: feitoria now attacks instead of giving resources and can garrison units and buy livestock.

town centers gives 15 pop. and feitoria 20.

castles gives 45 pop.

some techs have changed. new units and buildings.

gaia animals are affected by their own techs (its a disaster when you start gaia in imperial age).

later i gonna upload a tutorial of how to install the mod.

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