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Coming beta and news.

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hello, i have very good news for y'all. the first beta is going to be released! it's going to be at August 22th. (next week maybe). the next forgotten status i gonna do a tutorial of how to install the new forgotten empires

What would have the download?

there is 3 things you should know.

1 when released i gonna put the new forgotten empires mod link (For people who doesn't have it). you should have downloaded first before this mod.

2 make a copy of your game data for security, this is a beta and can have some crashes and bugs.

3 the download will have 2 versions inside the data folder (brown and cyan gaia and purple and gray gaia, gamedata3 and language3).

4 every beta will have a changelog file in Spanish and English. the final version will have a mini scenario (kinda hard) and a testing scenario (everything in the game in one map, hidden units, buildings, eye candy etc.)

this is a beta so you maybe will experiment some bugs and crashes in-game. you can comment what kind of bugs are in the beta to fix them in the next version. (i don't recommend to play againts magyars).

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