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hello, i have some great news.

the first beta is ready to be publish, so... ¿What i have to know?

there is 4 things that you should know about.

1 the mod use as a base the mod New forgotten empires. all credits are for Bala Arizalu for creating it.

here is the mod:

2 this is a beta so, some units can crash the game cuz they don't have any slp.

3 by new betas things can change like the units and techs.

4 demolition ships are disabled until i fix them (They don't explode)

¿How can i install it?

first download both mods (new ror and new forgotten).

go to the folder Games in the AOEII and paste the new forgotten empires folder.

but ¿Why i used the new forgotten to create the mod? the forgotten empires has a better difficulty to the game than the conquerors, and the previous mod had many glitches and crashes that i fix. the conquerors version is not finished.

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