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A news update for why I am releasing the next version way earlier than expected for Alliance at War.

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Whenever a player gives my mod a compliment, I always try to play it off all cool like. I will just say something like, "pff yeah, have fun." But inside I am saying yes! yes! yes! They like it! ... Yes, I am that level of un-cool, ha!

Anyway, I was not planning on releasing an update this early, but someone informed me that I had forgot to place the .bat file in the recent update. Without the .bat file, the mod will not start. Well, if you already have the mod from a previous update, you probably already have the .bat file. But those who have not tried Alliance at War and are new to the Mod DB, they most likely would not have it; so, I am releasing the next update sooner, just to make certain it is playable.

In regards to what is in this update, I have not done as much. I had only just begun working on the next version. It was in a very early process. Like I mentioned, I was not planning on the next version for quite some time. But I did do some things: I worked on some of the projectiles. Mainly the particles that appear when a projectile hits a shield. When a shielded target is hit, you will see an actual shield spark rather that a blue circle; the Executor has received another tiny speed boost; the Y-wing Ion Torpedo model has changed. It is not a blue torpedo anymore. I wanted it closer to canon. Currently I am not fully impressed with the projectile I changed it to -- in fact, I will probably change it again later -- but for now, it is acceptable to me; I doubled the tactical battle camera scroll speed. Warships are large, and the camera moving to slow could get annoying when moving across the map past all the ships. That is why I doubled the speed; I slowed down the planet models rotation speed during space battles. You will probably not notice, but in the un-moded version of the game, planets would spin so fast during tactical battles. It did not seem realistic to me, so I slowed them all down by about 90%. They still spin kind of quick, just not as fast; the AAT-1 received a mini-nerf to its main turret -- damage-wise; I also worked on the tractor beams some ships use. They should make any ship they capture completely stop every time. They SHOULD do that. I was actually working on that around the time I found out the recent update did not include a .bat file. I apologize community, and to anyone who experienced problems with Alliance at War not loading. And thank you to the one who pointed it out. There are a few other minor things I did, but I do not feel they are noteworthy. When did I ever tell everything I do in an update anyway? Ha.

Also, do not worry about deleting your progress in the game. Just save where you are, exit and quit the game, then load it back up.


Excellent update, Larry-3! Your mod is magnificent!

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Larry-3 Author

thank you, Darth Saber. Sometimes coding can be a hassle, but comments like your making modding worth it.

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