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Android port, on-screen touch controls, chivalry mode, christmas additions & more!

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0.0.31 Release!

WIP Android release, with touch screen controls & on-screen buttons, gamepad support, an android version of the tutorial build & UI adjustments. Certain graphics settings are set lower, and a Very Low graphics option has been added for lower powered phones. The touch controls can be toggled in the options menu if you're just want to use a gamepad. Players on both PC & Android can also play together!

Added Christmas lights build object, xmas home uploaded to build files, santa customisation, and a decorated tree in the BG of the main menu!

Added chivalry mode, respawning PvP & PvE with medieval weaponry! (sword, shield, axe & bow)

Floating arena uploaded to build files, with player, weapon & zombie spawns, as well as teleporters between the multiple platforms.

Small changes/bug fixes:

  • Fixed aiming jittering at low frame rates.
  • Fixed Hide Offline toggle from being changes when refreshing friends list.
  • Replaced certain map preview images.
  • Fixed terrain detail options not applying to the snow map.
  • Updated snow map clouds & updated ice material.
  • Increased lantern light range & optimised lantern, e-lights & projectile lights.
  • Changed to datapathe persistance, meaning file saving works for android. Customisation & mode files are now stored in appdata/locallow/Wookbee/Forgeverse.
  • Fixed on screen clicking for premium item inventory slot.
  • Added invert to freecam.
  • Changed water material.
  • OS version shows version no.
  • Raycasts now sent straight from camera instead of to mouse, works better for android.
  • Water distance extended on certain maps.
  • Fog set at start.
  • Layer culling optimisations.
  • Build toolbar buttons can now be clicked.
  • Copying a colour turns random toggle off.
  • Fixed sheep glitching out sometimes when shot.
  • Grass details added to snow map.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Wire tool now has freecam.
  • TnT damage and range increased.
  • Fixed damage sound & animation playing even when PvP is turned off.
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