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The game is officially released, find it on Itch.IO today!

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The game is officially released on Itch.IO as of today!


DARCADE is a project that has been in development since August 2016, it has been a solo project. It's a 3D-Platformer that has elements of horror. The story follows Frank Carter, a disgruntled married man who discovers a new arcade in his neighborhood that appears to have just popped up. Frank is then pulled into a dark world where one wrong step can lead to being trapped in there forever. The story unfolds in dark ways, revealing the twisted nature of DARCADE. However, with help from the human like A.I. in the game, he just might be able to find a way out of this hell.


The game features a run, gun, and jump style, meant to take you back to the PS2 era of platform gaming with a fresh new look provided with the help of Unreal Engine 4. The challenges in each original level will have a different way of applying the mechanics provided. The gameplay forces players to be careful about every step they take, as death traps are everywhere in the world of DARCADE. There are traps ranging from evil monsters to endless pits and beyond. Each level requires a different character be saved from a cage. These characters will provide you with different abilities which will help you navigate your way through DARCADE. A quest tab is available throughout the game to help you keep track of what to do next. Within the game, there are 8 unique missions that take place in 8 different worlds, so a new experience is guaranteed for each level.

More about the game:

The game features 8 levels that are increasingly complex and challenging, culminating in a dramatic final level. The game uses Unreal Engine 4, which produces a fantastic final product and an overall smooth experience. The levels are all made to completion with 3D-Models, soundtracks, and challenges that can be found in beautiful environments that vary widely between level to level. The landscape and mechanics are constantly changing in D-ARCADE in an effort to be as eye-pleasing as possible.

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