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<strong>New Kickstarter. Learn about this new 16-bit metroidvania adventure game.</strong>

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Do you remember the swinging mechanics in Super Castlevania IV and Super Metroid?

Would you like a deep metroidvania adventure built around those controls?

That’s what we’re building here in Maya Breaker. Not only do
we have a great underground world to explore, but we’ve taken out most of the
backtracking and added more massive bosses. Maya Breaker is a game designed to
work with the Retrolink SNES-shaped controller and fully utilize all the
buttons. Of course, this also works with a standard Microsoft Gamepad.

You take on the role of Maya, trapped deep underground by a
monster. You need to use your grappling hook to jump to higher ledges, solve
puzzles, and fight enemies. You will fight nasty bugs, worms, the undead and a
race of root-creatures called the Rhizomorphs.

There will be no bats in this game, nor will there be a
sewer level. Those things are played out.

Maya Breaker is a game that forces you to think in all
eight directions to solve puzzles and battle enemies. It encompasses all
the best parts of action and exploration from the heydays of 16-bit gaming.

The game will feature authentic 16-but tunes made by Mike
Thal, composer from Mega Man 42.

This 16-bit romp is brought to you by Michael Hayes, former
artist on ‘Antipole’ another 16-bit style puzzle platformer that is now
available on Nintendo eShop, XBLA Indie and Desura.

The game will be playable with Keyboard or Gamepad for
Windows 7 and 8, as well as Ubuntu and Mac PCs.

Don’t forget to support the kickstarter!

More info and updates at:


Also, there is a playable demo!



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