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A classic game mode returns better than ever and new cool feature: enemy awareness.

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Few Dollars More came not much time after our first release. It was a fun but unbalanced mode, after many changes and fix attempts I decided to remove it when beta 2.6 came out. It wasn't an easy decision and I took lot of flak due this. I don't regret it however I'm aware this game type was important for lots of players and my decision hurt the mod.

Then some new ideas and knowledge came, and I'm just glad to take it back. The changes/improvements come on the respawn side mostly. The gameplay may look simple, a team takes control over a sack of gold and keep it the longest they can. However, the dynamic respawn system is far from simple concept and fun relies pretty much on it. That part has been solved and it's been working great in our test so I'm confident old and new players will like it.

Pay attention to our new 'enemy awareness' system as well. It's composed by 2 elements: a kill camera which shows some additional statistics plus an enemy highlighting system. Both have to do with TF2. Enemy awareness starts from the same concept than TF2's nemesis. Someone is dominating you, so game highlights such player to your eyes only.

Enemy awareness is more informative than a revenge like feature. I remember Unforgiven end, when William Munny tells his secret to kill several guys in a short time frame. He just knew the quickest ones and shoot them first. The purpose here is similar, know which enemies are the ones giving you more pain and kill them first :)

FuzzyMcDoodle - - 106 comments

Can't wait for the next version!

Hope it's soon...

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Jesusfreak - - 770 comments


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theM3nace - - 331 comments

Looks awesome!!!

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slayersarge - - 138 comments

Kinda wondering why this isnt out already by now then again im impatient like everyone else.

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remvst - - 14 comments

So when is this supposed to be released ? I'm looking forward to finally play a it (there are too few fun mods at the moment :( )

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