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Added weather conditions. Working on the visual stadiums upgrades.

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Two weeks ago we released version 0.2 which featured 50 achievements, bug fixes and improvements of balance. Now we are working on the version 0.3 The main features of the version will be:

  1. Different weather conditions, which affect footballers' characteristics
  2. Visual upgrade of the stadium
  3. Possibility to rename the footballers
  4. Additional Fame rewards for beating stronger opponents and getting higher in leagues

Weather conditions

At the moment different weather conditions are implemented with draft temporary graphics:


  • Normal weather doesn't affect footballers' abilities.
  • During the rain the probability of fouls is increased. Also footballer's accuracy is decreased.
  • During the snowfall the potential of skills is lowered.
  • During the heat footballers spend more energy on performing actions.

The weather will be shown at the top left corner of the main screen near current date.


Different countries have different weather setting. For example, Spain doesn't have snow at all, but it has hot summer. However Germany has all kinds of weather.


New stadiums aren't implemented yet. We work on concepts of the stadiums. You will start the game with something like this:


And if you play well, your stadium will look like this:


We also consider the possibility to make the seats use main colors of your kit. If testing shows that the seats look well, we will release this feature.

Testing new features

Between major releases we upload beta versions with current development progress to Steam. They usually are stable, but not tested enough. If you want to try new features early, select "beta-" in the game's properties in Steam library:


Additional information about changes and improvements of the beta version you can find in the Steam discussions.

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