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It's friday, it's patch time. Check out the news for further details.

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Our weekly patch (v1.2) is now available for download. We will also try to provide a patch every friday in the future.
Many of the reported bugs
and other issues were fixed as well as a lot of the great feedback used
for changes, just take a look at the v1.2 patch log to get a detailed
look on it.

As a little note, the previous patch as well as all other fixes are of course included in the v1.2 patch.
The patch can be as always downloaded here.

FOOK2 v1.2 Patch log:
* Reminder! You MUST Set FOOK2 Defaults from the Options menu after updating!

- Options menu now available with 'O' hotkey


:: Bugs fixes


- Texture issue with the destroyed version of the standard T-45d PA fixed

- Glow for Stimpacks fixed

- Destroyed Power Armor textures fixed

- Nightvision Charge Meter now included (was left out of main installer)

Gameplay & Options

- Fixed the Margarita Meltdown perk

- Soldiers at the GNR battle now use the BoS PA version and make use of the new weapons

- Hopefully, the "cant open door to Eden" bug should be resolved. Drawback is that you cant come back to Raven Rock anymore.

- All bugged/non functioning shotguns should now be fixed for everyone including the CAWS

- Destroyed Power Armor Items can now be used for repair

- Fix to Options Menu (was unavailable after Explosive Breach menu)

- Minor Menu fixes & updates

:: Adjustments


- Plasma Rifle and Pistol textures updated

- Now all SMG's, Assault Rifles and Machineguns no longer use "long bursts" in VATS


- Crit Damage for all Miniguns added

- Enclave Backup Pistols adjusted (14mm Pistol is now rarer)

- All weapons have now a proper (based on weight/size) "Base VATS To-Hit Chance"

- Damage to Weapon Multiplier for 25mm Soviet flak reduced to 0.10

- Damage to Weapon Multiplier for 25mm Dismounted AA Canon reduced to 0.15

- Damage for (nearly) all Shotguns reduced by around 10-13%

- Critical Damage for (nearly) all Shotguns reduced by around 15%

- "The Terrible Shotgun" made a bit better compared to other Shotguns and the value increased

- Glocking Out changed to Glockwork Orange.

- Long bursts removed for all Shotguns which had it (should have been this way in the first place)

- Various balance adjustments to all MG's (overall a bit more powerfull) - thx to Azumazi for his feedback

- Increased Railway Rifle damage by about 80%

- Changed the unique Aufstand Gewehr - now a lever action ms490, with the knockdown on crit

- First BoS patrol from GNR to WashMem added

- Increased Power Fist + Fisto! Damage by a small amount, about 10%

- Increased Shocker damage by a lot (1/3 base damage and increased
electricity damage), but now uses one Small Energy Cell per punch
(experimental!)(Fallout1+2 anyone?)

- Increased Brass Knuckles + Unique variants damage by approx. 20%

- Increased deathclaw guantlet damage to match improved Power Fist damage (as it was in vanilla)


- Power Armour helmet crit chance reduced from 15% to 5%

- Armor enchantments overhauled - SPECIAL boni are far more common b/c they actually have a use later on;

Loot/Vendor Lists

- Plasma Rifles made a little bit more common

- Ammo loot reduced a lot

- Chems / Stimspack less common in loot lists

- Grenade and Mine loot reduced

- Weapon loot lists were overhauled (now make much better use of new
weapons, before they were mainly consisting of vanilla items)

- Vendor lists were updated, sell now less chems/stimpacks

- Scrap Metal made less common

- All the MQ11 BoS Snipers will now use CA + lvl 3 BoS Snipers.


- Upgraded The Surgeon inventory

- Upgraded another Raider Boss (Gankly the Backstabber) and Miniboss (Grendal)

- Updated another Raider Boss (Flame-On)

- Reverted back to normal the Hit Squads Scripts.

- All Regulators tweaked to be a full faction and not Hit Squads guys
only. Now mirror the Talon Company better. Should not attack on sight
anymore, wont have a bounty on you in their inventory if they are
friendly, etc.

Gameplay & Options

- Stimpack price increased by 25%

- Super Stimpack price increased by around 30%

- Repair costs increased by 25%

:: Additions


- Added High-poly ground models for T-45d and Enclave Helmets

- New Cherry Bomb explosion added (Explosive Breach)

- New texture for female underwear added


- New sounds for the RPK-74 and PKM

- Unique "Klamath Calamity" added

- Unique "The Third Leg" added

- Unique "Banhammer" added


- Dunce's Cap and some other enchantments finally used (still WIP)

Loot/Vendor Lists

- Super Stimpacks added to loot lists

- Vanilla Raider weapon and armor lists updated with new gear

- Vanilla Slaver weapon and armor lists updated with new gear

- Many more vanilla lists updated to make use of FOOK items


- Updated the PPSH in Meresti to have a lower cound and to be owned by the Family.

Lore & Flavor Material

- A little backstory given to Autumn's Father. Check the good ol' Colonel locker.

Gameplay & Options

- Can now mez all Talon NPCs & Regulators

- Added God Containers to Test Options Menu

- Added No Repair in Combat to Test Options Menu

- Added hotkey for FOOK Options Menu - 'O' for Options

- Sonora Cruz WANK dialogs should now have lips synch.

- Hopefully, Sonora should now give you your Duster and your bed when
joining the Regulators. (again, another bug I'm not sure of the source).

- Raider Captives are here ! Check WANK and some raiders places!

- Minor change made to the way the Vault 87 door opens. Try to visit it from the exterior before and after MQ08!

- A Crashed Vertibird has been added... somewhere...
:: DIK

- Updated Main Files and DIK .esp (fixed some bugs about MP-51 Medic PA, Cat's Paw, notably).

- VSS Armory had the Microfusion Cells changed to 2mm EC rounds to match the Gauss Rifle new ammos.

- Pitt Armors now in the Wasteland !

- Nerfed the Anchorage exhibition lock level to 100.

- Re-check of every NPC of DIK to have a good iventory and a unique inventory

- Tribals & Smugglers of Point Lookout balanced for a much
low-level friendly adventure. They are still stronger than their
Wasteland counterparts, though.

- Removed the Long / Short Burst tag in all DIK weapons

- Tactical Infiltrator G4A2 made rarer.
:: Zeta Addon

- Hopefully, the Zeta US soldiers should now use their assault rifle (another bug I'm not sure of the source).

- One of the lootable Power Armor is now a Army Power Armor.
:: EVE Addon

- Fixed HK40

- Autumn's gun anim fixed

- Elder Lyon's gun stats fixed

- Overall update to be compatible with the FOOK2 main file changes

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