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Let's start with the most important info: Patch v1.1 is now available and can be downloaded here. We got an amazing amount of feedback, bug reports and support and we want to thank everyone who was part of this. Read more...

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Let's start with the most important info: Patch v1.1 is now available and can be downloaded here. We got an amazing amount of feedback, bug reports and support and we want to thank everyone who was part of this.

We tried to fix as much as possible in the time we had but many things are of course still work in progress and will need further work.

I hope you have a bit of patience with us and understand that these things need their time.

Now having said all this, here is our Patch v1.1 change log:

- Scrap Metal added to the Repair Lists which didn't have it.
- All the big Sniper Rifles are now correctled Big Guns (Barrets, BOZAR, AW-50).
- MP5A2 anim fixed (thanks to Simpson).
- AR10 sound fixed (thanks to Simpson).
- Brahmin dairy products will now restore radiations rather than damaging it. Also, Punga fruits were buffed a little to in line with that change.
- All the Vendors inventories of the world are re-done (thanks to Shadowborn).
- All the ammunitions of the world were checked and moved a little if needed to looks good with the new clip models (thanks to Shadowborn). The same will soon be done for the DLC. 10mm and 308 are already done in DIK.
- Added a new ISFX when wearing a riot helmet (Vault 101 and Rivet City). Thanks to Atikabubu.
- Shell Rains mod removed for testing. We'll see how people reacts. This mod is cool and a good idea, but sometimes cool don't means good in-game, and a lot of people report massive lags when there's a firefight involving a lot of Miniguns.
- Put back the vanilla foods name and looks. "Cheezy Poofs and Rations" mod food, from TheOutbreak ( are now new foods and will soon be mixed in the world as we did for ammos.
- One of the Power Station had a stimpak who couldn't be took because it was covered by static clipboards. The clipboards were changed to real Misc. Items variants.
- Updated Amata's Beretta look and stats.
- Last Update from "Burns Flames and Fire" mod, by lilgamefreek ( included and tweaked for FOOK. Pyrotech perk description made clearer. You can now take another perk - Margarita Meltdown, wich let you craft Flamer Fuel at a Laboratory.
- Removed the normally unplayable outfits (Mac Cready's Helmet) from FOOK data and the QA Box.
- The EVE red ! has been fixed
- Should have hopefully fixed the White House Utility Tunnels crash.
- Fixed Lucy's Weapons into Wattz weapons (will fix the graphical glitches and suit her better).
- Buffed the Child At Heart perk to give you more bonuses with "childish" foods like bubblegums, chocolate & caramel, and cereals.
- updated all followers packages to behave better when in Sandbox.
- Fixed the Patrol Caps texture paths.
- Added Black Patrol Cap to the correct repair list.
- Added Moonshine to the Margarita Meltdown Alcohol List.
- Changed Braun's Switch message to something more neutral.
- Bit More Variety in the Merc and raiders outfit bonuses.
- Last Shadowborn update of ammunitions in the world (shotgun shells)
- Mitchel's Side arm's laser pointer fixed
- Missing SIG SG-552 Commando Black texture fixed
- Perforator minigun texture fixed
- SW .44 Magnum texture fixed
- Tribal Power Armor helmet texture fixed
- Ammo loot increased for NPC's that use 8mm DU weapons
- Ammo sold by Vendors was adjusted (better range of ammo)
- Ammo box lists improved (better ammo variety)
- Fixed the Dart Guns proj affected too much by Gravity
- Winter PA bagpack is back
- No one was using the Merc Outfits in their random lists. Fixed.
- Crazed Survivor of Grayditch fixed not to use Tribal Outfit !
- Minor tweaks to Militia Outfits.
- Created a Ammo Box for 8mm
- Blood splatters were improved as well as more gore added (we make use of dDefinders mod => )
- Reload anims of the XM8, HK416, G36C, G36E, UMP45 and USC were changed to a more fitting one
- Stimpacks changed to glow red instead of green
- MG36 scope fixed
- M14 sound fixed
- M1918 BAR sound fixed
- Fabarm scope added
- Unique Fabarm (Aufstand-Gewehr) stats fixed (now it's actually stronger than the standard Fabarm)
- Talon Long Sleeved CA and Talon heavy CA gloves fixed
- Spelling mistake corrected for purple blindfold
- Balance changes for the following Sniper rifles: AR10, Dragunov, IMI Galatz, Psg-1 and Vintorez
=> Semi automatic fire delay lowered from 0.5 to 0.2
=> Rumble changed (now much shorter)
=> Damage reduced by 15%
=> Crit. Damage reduced by 20%
Note: Changes were done to better reflect the semi automatic nature for these sniper rifles. They will now fire at a much higher frequency and thus the damage was lowered to balance it.
- Retexture of Roving Trader Outfit by FoxtrutZulu added ( )
- Added "Better PreWar and Burned Books" mod by ObsidianStag ( )
- PreWar Book that can't be sold at Arlington Library renamed to Cat's Paw Magazines
- Booze bottles were changed to classic names / textures
- Food and some other clutter (Abraxo Cleaner etc.) textures were changed back to their vanilla textures
- Equip type for Energy Gatlings changed (they use the Energy weapons skill _NOT_ the big guns skill)
- Fixed missing sleeves in 1st person for Assassin's robe
- Stimpack color/glow changed to red
- MP-51a Medic Power Armor buffed to be a little more useful.
- There's now a little easter egg - and a Unique! in Vault-Tec HQ. Thanks to Atikabubu!
- Little lore update between Enclave and Talon. Search for clues!

- Tweaks to npcs to have more variety and non-bugged outfits (a lot were bugged when changing from FOOK to by FOOK2). Will also bring a lot of named npcs. Still WIP, have done only Anchorage and The Pitt.
- Anchorage minigun and Power Armored Soldiers fixed.
- Fixed the "bad karma" alien workers of MZ
- Quantum Scientist Perk requirments fixed (thanks to Simpson).
- Destabilizer animation (MZ) fixed.
- The code for the Laboratory which let you craft Nuka Cola Quantum if you have the Quantum Scientist perk and Bio-Gas Canisters if you made the right quest in Point Lookout was upgraded. You will now need 3 Punga Fruits to craft a Canister.
- Fix : No weaknesses perk now up all your stats to 5 + bobblehead (thanks to Simpsons)
- Updated Anchorage weapons to scale better with your level.

- Added an Outcast Field Camp near one of the Satcom Tower.
- Megaton Map Marker back to normal in the map marker plugin. WIll soon be included in WANK when I'll have cleaned Dupont Circle.
- Changed a bit some FOOK dead bodies. Check the Smith Basements at Andale and in Gallo's Lair.
- Gave the Enclave Map Markers of the Map Markers addon less "RP" name to show they will be removed.
- Crashed Vertibird encounter in-game


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