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Some information on Food, Meal Planning, Eating, and how it can affect life in Brunelleschi: Age of Architects.

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Food, Nutrition, and Starvation


Food and eating is an integral and, at first, easy part of the game. In the process of adventuring and city-building characters will collect more food-items than they could ever carry. There are a large variety of food-stuffs in the game, all of them edible by characters and all able to give some Attribute bonus if eaten correctly.

Foodstuffs that can be Harvested

  • Grain - crops such as wheat, oats, barley and rye
  • Produce - crops such as potatoes, peas, onions and turnips
  • Herbs - plants such as Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
  • Game - small meat creatures such as pheasants, squirrels, rabbits and chickens.
  • Fish - all sorts of swimming edible creatures.
  • Oysters - Delicious but valuable meal items
  • Olives - Can only be grown in the Orchards of the Inner Courtyard

Foodstuffs that are Processed:

  • Bread - Produced in Bakeries everywhere
  • Groceries - Washed, weighed and sorted Produce
  • Fillets - Fish cut into manageable slabs of fish-flesh
  • Meat - From either slaughtered Game or Livestock
  • Oil - Pressed either from Fish or precious Olives

Processed Beverages:

  • Beer - Brewed by monks and innkeepers since the dawn of time
  • Wine - Processed from precious Grapes
  • Tinctures - Mixed by careful hands from Herbs

Foods, when eaten correctly, can provide bonuses to multiple attributes. There are 6 meal combinations and bonus-sets to acquire, each associated with the Attributes of a base-class. In order to eat and gain these bonuses, click Manage on the top bar and select 'Next Meal'. The character will eat this saved meal every hour until the ingredients are gone from their inventory.
Bonuses per-meal stage upward, however you are welcome to stack Meals to gain bonuses for all the Attributes. Heroes will gain bonuses from the Lord meal but can still avoid starvation eating Lord-preferred foods.

Commander Meal
In order to gain the best of your body and hone your Might, Celerity and Toughness, a character must maintain a steady diet of carbs and protein.To earn the starting bonus, your character needs to consume a small amount of Grain at every hourly meal. There are several actions from which you can acquire Grain.The second tier bonus is earned by consuming a somewhat larger serving of Grain.Adding some Beer to your grain-meal will unlock the third tier meal bonuses. It's like Beer on Cereal. (fizzy or not?)Earning the fourth tier bonus requires just as much Grain and an incredibly filling portion of Beer.The fifth meal bonus requires consuming the same amount of Grain and Beer and a hearty portion of Meat.To gain the ultimate physical edge, eat that much Grain and Beer every hour along with a nearly fatal serving of Meat.

Noble Meal
Those unsatisfied with their Noble attributes can eat carefully and drink heavily in order to enhance their own Charm, Guile and Grace.The first bonus is gained with a small amount of Produce consumed at each hourly meal.Eating slightly more Produce will grant you the next stage of bonus.The following bonus is achieved with the same portion Produce and a large serving of Wine.Really letting yourself get sloshed will unlock the fourth Noble meal bonus.
Adding bowl of Olives to your diet will create a special sensation, in which you become especially appealing and canny.The last Noble meal bonus requires you to eat as much Produce and Wine and then simply bloat yourself on Olives.

Trader Meal
The thought-intensive work of a Trader's tasks are enhanced by fish and oils. Combined with hearty hunks of bread, a Trader has all the energy and mental focus they need for a hard day of bargaining and profit calculations. Consuming these meals will enhance your character's Arithmetic, Management and Acumen.A small portion of bread eaten regularly will provide a small bonus.A little bit more bread will provide more necessary energy for a greater bonus.Acquiring enough oil to dip your bread in will enhance your thought and focus.Oil is good for the mind. Consuming an excess of it with your bread will provide the fourth bonus.If you can afford to, add a large portion of highly nutritious Fillets of fish to your daily meals. This boost of protein, oils and minerals will allow you to calculate the trade of hundreds of goods.The greatest bonus a meal can provide to Arithmetic, Management and Acumen is achieved by consuming as much Bread and Oil and a truly unseemly mass of Fillets.

Clergy Meal
Clergy who subject themselves to strict eating patterns will gain the blessing of the digestively brave. These blessings will increase their Fervor, Philosophy and Grace, attributes very dear to a Clergy class character but valuable to all players.The first meal blessing may be attained through hourly prayer and consumption of a small portion of Fish.The second blessing is achieved by increasing the portion of Fish to something satisfying.A priest may even find themselves enjoying adding a healthy serving of Groceries to their now bountiful hourly meal to attain the third blessing.The sacrifice you are making becomes apparent as the fourth blessing requires you to eat more Produce than is strictly comfortable.Pour yourself a generous measure of wine to be granted the next consumtion blessing. When you eat this great meal every hour, then get completely sloshed you have probably reached the greatest tier of the clergy meal blessing.

Caster Meal
In order to enhance your Caster attributes of Reason, Creativity and Judgement, you must consume large portions of slightly intoxicating substances.Brave young casters dare each other to chew small portions of Herbs on the hour to gain a small attribute advantage.Chewing a larger amount of Herbs will have a greater effect, but doesn't taste any better.Casters pursuing a significant edge will begin brewing tinctures to consume with the hourly Herbs.Ambitiously masochistic casters drink large glasses of Tinctures and chew Herbs every hour for the increased bonuses.It was probably accident rather than intention when the first Caster washed down the Tincture and Herb treatments with a few beers and discovered the fifth bonus.Adding to this concoction an obliterating amount of beer will send you to new level of consciousness and unlock the final caster meal bonus.

Lord Meal
Being a Lord takes a lot of energy. In order to enhance your feelings of dominance over the world and mental acuity to rule it, a Lord must have special meal dispensations.A small amount of Game, eaten right off it's little bones, will fortify a Lords's unique attributes of Oratory, Influence and Leadership.A sustaining amount of Game each hour will energize a Lord to step up in inspiring the peasants and generally feeling superior.It's only natural to drink a little wine with your hourly meaty snack. This will make you feel more-so like a dashing hero and further enhance your Lordly attributes.Getting so drunk you forget you're not the Sovereign is an excellent way attain both self esteem and the fourth level of Lord meal bonuses.Already feasting on Game and Wine every hour, you must add a serving dish of oysters to your meals to gain any more benefit.Consume all that you have been, then eat Oysters until you risk damaging local ocean ecology. This sickening extravagance will impress your subjects and reveal the greatest bonus to your Lordly attributes.

Before level 50, your character doesn't need to eat, but can still gain the bonuses if they achieve the special Class Meal requirements.
After level 50, if your character doesn't eat at least one food-item per meal (hour), they will begin to starve. Too long without food and they will begin to take health damage. Left long enough, your character will die without food and/or healing.
Fortunately characters left completely untouched for days will fall into Inactive status and stop starving, usually before they die.

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