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...opened the private test server for anyone to playtest the Food Fight mod and/or the BurgerCTF game. Come and join in!!

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Server is closed again!!

Thank you all for your help. We got many logs and noticed just some marginal bugs.
We aim for the second half of the next month as release date.

stay tuned and keep it hellthy!!

<Man, this has been years coming...It almost feels surreal to be posting about it FINALLY>

I've opened the private test server for anyone to playtest the Food Fight mod and/or the BurgerCTF game. If you are interested please grab the u file from:

Unzip the U file and place it into your system folder. That's all you'll need to join (provided you have mapvote). The test server does not host a redirect since we didn't need to use one. The server is located here: CLOSED!!
and the password is "test" without quotes.

You can play normal DM games with bots using the suite of FF weapons and pickups or you can play BurgerCTF with the FF mod enabled. This is the readme for BurgerCTF:

From the makers of Food Fight comes the latest in arena combat... Burger: Carry That Food!

Year 2293...After losing the tournament to Malcolm and despite having the latest in technology and intelligence coding, Xan Kriegor was recalled to Liandri Mining Corp to be upgraded to Xan Mark II. During this process Xan was completely disassembled for repair and system diagnostics. Because defeat in the tournament's final round was so devastating, analysts spent a vast amount of time dissecting the match. It was agreed that Xan's fatal flaw was his use of patterns when acquiring pickups. He had spent so much time training in the Hyperblast arena that his subroutines automatically used the most efficient paths. This allowed humans to adapt to those and defeat him. It was decided to start over because of this and so Liandri techs wiped his intelligence controller. It was removed and a newer (and more powerful) in-development A.I. was used. His old controller was flagged for the scrap furnace and discarded.

Searching for parts to use to automate the kitchen's robotic coffeemakers, a culinary tech stumbled upon Xan's old controller in the trash heap. Generally MoKai was more careful but he tossed this into his pack without realizing that a solitary red LED still glowed inside...that Xan still lived.

Shortly after installation in the kitchen's robots Xan began enacting his revenge. He duplicated his AI across the electronic staff and ordered them to make weaponry using whatever was available. Now, instead of packaging food into the outbound shipping containers, his minions were making all manner of devices for the robots in the outlying colonies to use to implement his robotic uprising. It was only due to human error that this crisis was averted. An inventory specialist accidentally ordered these food weapon crates to be delivered to the tournament arena instead of the normal weapon ones and Xan's plan was discovered. The kitchen was purged and his robots destroyed.

Realizing that these unique items were indeed deadly, tourament players quickly adjusted to using the food based weapons. The 'Food Fights' had begun...

BurgerCTF functions very much like bombing run. A single burger bomb spawns in the map's central area and players must carry it into the opponents base and touch it to their flag. The burger will detonate and the team will score. The person carrying the burger will slowly gain weight and once they reach maxixmum fatness they will begin farting. The clouds of gas are damaging and should be avoided by all. Smart players will use farting to help cover themselves. Your own farts will not hurt you (or your teammates) since, according to Fat Bastard, everyone likes their own 'special brand'.

I haven't gotten to writing up all the weapons special abilities, etc but you'll figure it out as you go. EvilGrins (helped us with bug-hunting) is pretty up on most of it and papercoffe will be around to answer questions too. I should be back on Sunday to catch up so if you have a technical question I'll answer it then. Enjoy, and please leave feedback about what you like/dislike. We've all worked really hard on this so I hope it's something you find a positive experience.

Some various things:
-The mod will change names after this, probably to "FoodFight" or whatever paper deems it should be.
-The U file you downloaded is stripped. This does not mean I will not release a compilable source code with the final product. I have every intention of sharing everything but I wanted the public test version to be crippled so it's not archived and shared beyond this test period. When the release comes you can have everything and I'll even add copious notation to the source code so you can use whatever you see. Thanks to people like Ferali and Higor and Nelsona and Loathsome and many others this mod has some very interesting and unique aspects you will want to use in other ways. Wait until you build your first carrot staircase and get on top of the opponent's base...
-I know there are a few odd issues still but I really needed logs from a running server with multiple people on it to continue proper development.
-Final release will be middle of next month. I need a couple of weeks to write the docs as well as notate all the code.
-Thanks guys!

You'd read it, the server is up for play-testing... we need your feedback and many server logs.

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Gazyi - - 42 comments

Connection rejected by server. Probably wrong password.

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papercoffee Author
papercoffee - - 247 comments

Nope was really just a weekend event.
We need the server now to get rid of any replication issues.

I'll edit the announcement/news now.

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