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Hadley's Hope: a human colony that was established by Weyland-Yutani sometime in the twenty-second century on Acheron LV-426 and which in 2179 maintained a constant population of 158 colonists. It was named after the colony's leader, Curtis Hadley.


Weyland-Yutani gave orders to the colonists to investigate the ruins of the Derelict spacecraft where they discovered thousands of Xenomorph eggs in suspended animation. Soon the eggs began to hatch and the Facehuggers started to impregnate the colonists. The colony was eventually overrun by the Xenomorphs.



After the mysterious loss of contact with the colony, Weyland-Yutani corporate employee Carter Burke recommended to the company that they send a team of USMC soldiers to investigate. It didn't take long for Weyland-Yutani to green-light the operation, and shortly thereafter the USS Sulaco was dispatched with all of the above on board. When the expedition landed on Hadley's Hope, they discovered obvious signs of a relatively large, violent struggle, as both the complex's exterior walls and its interior hallways were riddled with marks from recent small arms fire, and some of the areas had suffered more extensive damage, consistent with the use of explosives.


The Xenomorphs had cut the electricity and attack and kill the rest of the team. Its game over man, its game over!


Deimos Anomaly - Aliens ACM
Symc - Display screens, Main Airduct
Jdredalert - Pulse Rifle
ZDL - Pulse Rifle Muzzle-Flash, Weather System, Xeno gore, Optimized Sprites

Deimos Anomaly - Aliens ACM
21st Century Fox - Cinema sounds

Misc. Graphics:
Deimos Anomaly - Aliens ACM
Pepedrago - Pulse Rifle Framework
21st Century Fox - Sprites and textures

Deimos Anomaly - Aliens ACM
Symc - Coop weather system, updated visual display screens, CTD fixes
ZDL - Motion Tracker, Updated COOP implementation, Optimized and error fixing

Aliens ACM 2121 updates are available over at the forum.

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