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My plans for 1.4, heeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeee weeeeee, gooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

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-(I May or May not actually do this though) Add Fredrickeslander as It's own unifying culture for tag X06 (Fredrickeslande)


-Change the names of a good percentage of countries, based on government type

20210822181700 1

(pictured, starting great powers' names; as I said, based on government type)

-Change the flags of nations, corresponding to their gov's type

X21 fascistflag 1

(pictured, fascist danubia; sorry for the poor quality) (also, thumbnail Is proletarian/communist russia)

-Change & move some more cores around

-Some other culture stuff

-Some little easter eggs, If you're the first person to find them, post some screenshots on your steam profile & show me :)

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