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Version 0.3 of Flukz is available. The gameplay of this shoot'em up is improved with a score and a life bar. 9 levels are now available.

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Version 0.3 of Flukz is available with the following improvements :

  • a score increasing when enemies are destroyed
  • a life bar to know how many times the player ship can be hit before exploding
  • the player ship cannot collide anymore with its own fire
  • automatically-generated credits page for the artwork of the levels

Flukz is a shoot'em up with levels directly editable online. All users can easily create new levels or edit existing ones, in the same way as a wiki. A graphical interface is provided to edit levels easily, without programming knowledge.

With 4 wuhu levels and 5 black-and-white levels, a total of 9 levels are now available. Here is a screenshot of black-and-white level 5.

If you're interested in helping us to create new levels, you're more than welcome.

Flukz is available on Windows and Linux.
A static binary that needs no installation is provided for Windows. Under Linux, you need to compile the sources directly.

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