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New Beta Build #6: Major new feature has been finalized! The ability to build and command a fleet. Added the ability to abandon ship as a last resort to avoid death. Added confirmation windows for returning to menu and clearing saves. Small bug fixes.

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With the new Beta Build #6, in addition to some small bug fixes and a confirmation window for clearing saves and for returning to the main menu, the following features have been added:

Command a Fleet!

Now you don't have to engage in a massive battle in the heart of your enemy's empire with just your one ship! Build up a fleet of ships, give them special roles: area suppression, torpedo boats, gun boats, etc. and command them or let them act on their own!

Abandon Ship!

Now if you got caught in a hopeless situation you can always abandon your ship (and fleet) and return to your empire's sectors instead of accepting death.

Take command and conquer the galaxy! Get the new Beta Build #6!

View the new trailer:

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