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A long overdue bit of insight into the development of the mod.

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So, the last official update was quite a long time ago and with all this talk of a beta and a release and what not I am going to clarify what will or won't be happening, what could happen, and what has happened.

First off, since our last update nearly a year ago that showcased the Phoenix-colonizer there has been much progress and change. Most of the aesthetic changes have been put up in the gallery such as the new, lovely UNSC shipyards, the improved ship models, and many small things among those. Behind the curtains there has been much gameplay work as we get closer to the next big step in developing the mod: Finalizing the research trees. While the UNSC are nearing this milestone, the Covenant still have work to be done but are still not far behind.

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Also, it would be a disservice to not mention the fantastic young texturer who joined SotP, Annihilator102. He's finally giving our units and modules a unified texture style, as opposed to be a hodge-podge mix of different styles by different people. Development speed has increased greatly because of him. Hat's off to you, sir.

Now this brings us to our next topic about a possible beta and the future development of the mod. Many things still have to be worked on, such as the Covenant corvette featured in Halo: Reach, a UNSC starbase, and (of course) the technology trees. Now, the best part of any mod is the community and I am sure many of you have excellent ideas (aside from the occasional "U SHUD MAKE TEH FLOOD B ABLE TO CAPTURE SHIPS") so come sign up at the official forums of Halo: Sins of the Prophets and contribute your good ideas for the mod. If it's good enough, you may end up having your idea be a part of Sins of the Prophets. Most importantly though, there are also a few major bugs that, while may not be game breaking, are annoying as hell. These are being hammered at and having the kinks worked out.

Sins of the Prophets forums

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Now, here is the part that most of you will be on the edge of your armchairs for: A possible beta.
Indeed, you all have heard correct. The mod is at "that point" where it's not quite done but almost far enough along for a nice beta.
But yeah, there will be a beta. And sometime in the near future. How near? Well, that can change at any time, depending on my own life and others.

You'll have your UNSC/Covenant beta. Eventually.


Also, as both a special mission for the Dawn of Victory Junior Friend Cadets and the Sins of the Prophets Grunts do yourself a favor and join the Dawn of Victory Hosted Battlefield 3 server oriented for the SoaSE community.
You can play with both the legendary Sins modders SwissKnight and CanadaMan7!

Geth_Prime - - 639 comments

BF3 server, hope we have the population to sustain that...

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TheBiolizard - - 118 comments

Looking forward to the mod boys. Glad to see a fellow brother from Canada one of the Developers help create it!

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Onearmy - - 188 comments

Heheheh Canada, after a week of pestering you, you finally did it. :)

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chakotay02 - - 591 comments

Nice to hear you've found a decent texturer. That's always the biggest problem.

Didn't I gave you my Covenant Corvette model though? Though it did need a retexture, the model itself wasn't that bad I thought.

So with an open beta coming up, I will too finally be able to play this! :D Nice to hear that. Still didn't hear anything about the whole dropbox invite thing ;P

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Communist_Webz_Troll - - 197 comments

I like stuff.

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Onearmy - - 188 comments

Hahaha I love how someone went and gave everyone negative karma. That's pretty funny.

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Commander_Jbug - - 430 comments

6 months later, still no beta...

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