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Kinda_Dark 2 is getting a patch soon. Fixes, probably music changes, and new secrets.

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Kinda_Dark 2 is pretty buggy. So I decided to make fix of the game. Here are known problems I incounterded:

  1. On the first level, the teleporter where you go to a secret and get a bfg doesnt work right.
  2. On the first level the spider mastermind is huge (it clips though the map).
  3. There is a secret with a BFG10K which somehow doesnt count as a secret.
  4. I will make the last level longer. Its just too short with too many enemies. I will make it Longer and way more complex.
  5. Some enemy placements will be changed and reduced (especially in the last level).

Those will be the fixes. Expect them soon.

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