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There were too much complain about bugs/bad visual things that i need a detailed list to fix them

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There were too much things you reported, so i decided to fix some of them. Please report what you like to get fixed.

these are the things i already fixed or i'm going to fix:

  • AT-TE floating weapon icon
  • add gow to backpacks
  • integrate vehicle weapon icon into the new HUD

Please visit my WIP Thread on Gametoast or write a detailed review/comment here on modDB or pm me.

Thank you for your help



Can you add the Fake Console option ? I just can't stand the award effects glowing 24/7 ( I like to add more reinforcements after a while via Fake Console ).
PS: Awesome details, badass design ( I always wanted to see Republic Commandos wearing kamas ) and not to mention the new gadget ( shield ). Keep up the good work.

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[GT]Anakin Author

Sorry but after the v1.3 source were lost i cannot integrate the fake console. The problem about it is that i need to remove all text by loading an invisible font for the stock fonts. That makes all textes invisible. After that i reload all scripts with an new font. So i can move them to other positions (reinforcements, weaponnames, ammo,....) that's also the reason why there is no career and detailed player information after the game. About the award effects, i may can disable them always by deleting the whole effect.

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