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New fix is released, many bugs are gone now (see download section). Also some thoughts of the championship.

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New fix is released, many bugs are gone now (see download section). As for the championship: does anyone interested? what do you think about playing at October, 12? There are not many pro in GiFR for now, so you can play at any level. Register yourself now.
Also, do anyone interested in casts of GiFR games? I can make some if there will be good replays.

Fix changelog:

  • A lot of description changes by malanthor.
  • Warriors and trueborns with special weapons didn't show up inside a raider
  • Mandrakes icon afterd daemonic corruption research was pink
  • Khorne berzerkers icon with plasma pistol upgraded was pink
  • Grey Knight dreadnought and Deatwatch dreadnought icons was swapped.
  • Swooping Hawks exarch now fly at the same height as his warriors.
  • You can now buy a Canoptek Spyder.
  • You can now buy a repentia mistress.
  • Darklance icon on raider is no longer pink
  • All locales (except russian) now contain English UCSes
  • Fixed the description of chaos Icon bearer Icons.
  • Monolith control zone increased
  • Discreased attackrange of hellhound and guardians, so they will come close to shoot their weapons when using attack-move.
  • LP2 is now correctly greyed when player don't have T3.
  • Bolt of changes reload discreased
  • Removed animation when Keeper of Secrets posesses enemy unit
  • Changed Bloodchrusher turning type, so it will move more fluently
  • Wraithcannon FX is unsynched with the damage.
  • Added death animation to Great Unclean One and swooping hawks
  • TheHelldrake's flame was descreased (doesn't affect damage, only visuals).
  • Black Shield (Deathwatch) no more moving like having a jump pack
  • New icon for Choosen (maybe will be replaced later).
  • Land Raider Ares demolisher cannon no longer makes it jump.
  • The morale damage of all Chaos Space Marines that can have marks increased. You will lose this bonus if the squad get any mark of chaos.
  • Integrated variuos bugfixes from Soulstorm Bugfix mod.
  • Small touches here and there.

For championship, I'll talk about the 12 October to other members W40kG.

We planned some cast of GiFR in futur, but they will be in French.

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Warboss-rus Author

I just asking is anyone gonna watch my casts (I've got a better microphone, so it will be easier to listen then it was in the trailer).

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Of course ;)

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