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Fix 2a from 02/01/2022 for Bulat Steel 2.1.5 Final+ TW (Link to download)

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Fix 2a from 02/01/2022 for Bulat Steel 2.1.5 Final+ TW:

ATTENTION! New campaign needed! (And You have to reapply scripts in BS_Setup.exe)

Do not install if you do not want to break the already started campaign.

Link for downloading Fix 2a for BS 2.1.5 Final+

English translation of BS 2.1.5 Final+ (for Fix 2a)

You need only latest fix!

Changelog of Fix #2a from 02/01/2022:

•Fixed all Garrison scripts (Big Thanks to Norinke)

•Some other fixes...

Changelog of Fix #2 from 12/31/2021:

• Corrections and remaster of ALL Garrison scripts from Norinke.
• Corrections and optimization in scripts "Rebirth of dead factions" from Norinke.
• Upgraded script "City content" (two branches depending on the Selected Economy) from Leeekaaa.
• New "difficult" economy in the setup (Income from taxes, trade - standard; Income from merchants - reduced (as in "Difficult Economy"). This is a kind of "golden mean".
• For "Difficult Economy" City maintenance (Selectable in setup) will work as for "Difficult Economy".
• In the Pskov region, from the start, the percentage of Islam in the region has been corrected (from 19 to 0%).
• An important change has been made to fix an ancient bug - now, when a settlement is captured, the recruitment pool is reset to avoid relegation when the number of units for recruitment exceeds 64
• Rebels in spawn replacing Swiss for spearmen and pinchers for swordsmen
• Forest dwellers are registered in the lease and the Kiev principality (there was a bug - they were not).
• Correction of bonuses of the Oguz dynasty in the Polovtsian
• Fifth cross for horse blankets near Jerusalem
• Adjustments to the scripted landing of the Swedes in the early campaign (1 stack is an attack aircraft, the second is in support: If the Swedes capture the castle, he defends it, if not, he retreats to the nearest settlement).
• For the Scandinavians and Scotland, the old castle models on the strategic map have been returned to provide more variety. (Thanks Okzersal)
• Fixed a bug where Historical buildings could disappear when rebuilding a settlement type from a city to a castle. (Thanks Yarik)
• Correction of the description of the Jerusalem knights.
• Removed the tasks of the council and the Pope to blockade the ports of the rebels and other factions (They worked very strangely, and very often were canceled for no reason)
• Fix the secondary weapon of the unit of the garrison cavalry of Slavic cities
• Correction of the description of the bonus of the Berkiyaruk dynasty in the early campaign.
• Correction of one bug with names. Two new names for Lithuania.

• Remaster of the battle on Lake Peipsi in the campaign and in the "Historical Battles" menu.
• The treasury of the ruler of the AI ​​Mongol has been increased by 2 thousand. up to turn 150 in the late campaign. Improved the Mongol money script in the invasion script in the early campaign.
• Correction of the bronze upgrade of the Teutonic Knights for Poland in the battle of Legnica.

• Reduced height of the map for both campaigns in the setup of the player's choice (for more playability on tactics in the regions of hilly terrain and mountain valleys.)
• Mankurt, Akadzhiri castling horses based on the stats of units. (Art update)
• Correction of 15 bugs in triggers of traits (dubbing names)
• Fix for 50 dubbing in name files, added some new names.

• Fixed 4 typos in descr_campine_ai (Peter AI)
• automatic destruction of pagan temples if a city or castle is captured by a non-pagan faction on the same move! (Norinke is the best)
• Adding a script of 2 dynastic members of the family of England (AI) in the late campaign, so that the faction does not die in the event of the dynasty withering.
(at the start, England has few family members, and help to gendrev does not work due to the large number of ordinary generals).

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