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In our first post, we will introduce to you our first game, still in creation, Fishing Isle!

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Hello everyone! :)

Welcome to the journey of our very first project, Fishing Isle! Our game will follow the adventures of a fisherman, who is trying to clean up the ocean after its pollution by the local scientist. Discover the various species of fish hiding in the sea, including mysterious mutants!

Our Initial Prototype:


Here, we can take a look at the principal mechanics of movement in our upcoming game, such as the sailing and walking. The initial prototype also includes the field of view of the fish and the dock where the fisherman is able to exit the boat.

Our Moodboards:

MoodBoard   Town

The images above are some examples of houses in the seaside.

MoodBoard   Ocean

Some examples were collected as possible references for the sea and the polluted water.

MoodBoard   MainCharacter

Another moodboard was also made with images of fisherman to serve as inspiration for the character design of our protagonist.

unnamed 2

This moodboard represents images from various games to serve as examples for our game´s future artstyle.

Enviroment Sketch First Drafts

We can observe the initial studies for Fishing Isle´s artstyle, which include examples of composition with the boat, pieces of land, rocks, fish and also polluted water.

Stay tuned and follow us for weekly updates on our game creating journey! :)

~ SeaDock Studios 🌊

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