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We had a good reception from survival players. Yet, there is a lot of work to do and we already had 2 updates after one day of launch =) no big bugs, but optimizations and fixes. Now we have more news.

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Hey there friend,

We are glad to say that we had a good feedback on our game launch. There is still a lot to do in the game and there will be much more updates in this week and next />Also, we have a new teaser trailer so players can take a look on parts of the gameplay (but you can already find many youtube videos on internet anyway, lol)

We have also a roadmap that you can find on our Steam front page. The community forum is also really helping us to find bugs, improving the game and we already have some great suggestions.

Steam page:

- Stones no longer instant kill animals
- Items now stay equppied when loading a save
- Duplicating item bug fixed
- You should now hear a sound when shakig trees
- You can now hold down left click or E to repeatedly shake a tree
- You can now turn around when using focus mode (Right click)
- Bears now have a bigger aggro range... No more sneaking up on them

- Changes made to trees to improve performance
- Changes made to blur fx to improve performance and look
- fixes to current translations

Development roadmap
- Sleep system
- Trap system
- Bow and arrow (combat and crafting)
- Aquatic animals, yes including sharks!
- New Items
- New crafting recipes
- More island details
- Keybinding
- Better server handling (saving, loading, optimization, etc)
- Dedicated server
- More characters visual on multiplayer
- Game story enhanced and evolved upon
- Bug fixes (This is early access after all!)
- Optimization (Very important, please help us with this!)

More will come. Thank you very much for everyone that is supporting us. We are answering each of you on game reviews.

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