The accuracy and damage all weapons do was highly increased due to new factors that can reduce damage taken by an enemy, or lead you to shooting the wrong direction. Read the full article!

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1) The gun you holding is not always pointed at a center of your screen. When you move your mouse to look somewhere, the weapon is moved to this direction too and will fire the same changed vector. This is called "free aim", it can be advantage or disatvantage depending on a situation you're in.
2) Weapon bobbing. When the weapon bobs to some direction when you're on the move - it will, yes, shoot right there, without technically increasing weapon spread. Bob is determined by weapon mass (bigger mass = bigger bob), movement speed (bigger speed = bigger bob) and weapon ergonomics (more erg bob, and that is exponential). Since heavy weapons also reduce your movement speed, the difference between bob of heavy and not very guns will be noticeable, but not enormous. Weapon mass also affects some other features, like movement speed and some types of recoil.
3) Yes, the ironsights. They are used to remove free-aim, as well as soften recoil, mostly for guns with a buttstock. Not to mention that crosshair is actually removed completely - for balancing reasons. The cons are simple - stamina is consumed when sighting, and movement speed is reduced. Different weapons have different sighting speed. Weapons have random-calculated sighting patterns, so the next aiming will always be slightly different (visual) from the previous. Unlike most other FPS, FOV change is small, for some weapons its even negative, and the spread is not reduced via sighting.
4) Freecoil. Recoil, caused by gun not only changes your view vector, it also sways the gun up and side. Weapons have 2 freecoil patterns, second is used when gun is swayed uphill too much. Some part of this movement is negated by a short period of time (mostly for automatic guns) with a different speed for any gun, some part you'll be needed to remove with your mouse; it's more difficult for heavy weapons, especially when firing. So, it's practically impossible to control all of the recoil, but it's always possible to soften it this way. Freecoil algorithm is changed when sighting, slightly. If you try to shoot when you aim your weapon but it's not fully sighted, freecoil is dramastically increased. Also when you're in the air, for obvious reasons.
5) Weapon length - with a long weapon you cant stay very close to something, pointing at it and shoot; it will be moved down. Not very powerful, but short weapons may be more useful when using cover or fighting in close quarters.
6) Magazine reload - when you reload non-empty mag on your gun, the rest of ammunition is dropped with mag on the ground. But, one round (in chamber) will stay there. So you can have 31 rounds ready with your AR1 which uses 30-round magazines. Some weapons do not have chamber mechanics (ar2 and, obviously, revolver). To avoid ammunition loss you may re-charge magazine with ammunition round by round, but that is not what you should do if you're in a middle of a gunfight.
7) Shooting the gun, reloading it, controlling recoil and simply deploying - takes part of stamina. Very little part. As well as some other actions. Basically speaking, almost every action costs some amount of stamina. Beware.
8) You can modify all the guns' characteristics, using its' weapon script in the scripts folder. There's a plenty of them.

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