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Ok so in this Mod I am hoping to be able to totally change the BattleField 2142 Gameplay. I desire to increase the power of certain guns, change the velocity or capabilities of certain guns, and the transform others into totally different weapons!

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So here are the first few items I've changed. Hopefully there will be many more on this list soon!

Made PAC sniper 1 shot kill
Made EU sniper semi-auto

Changes to the underbarrel shotgun:
Changed the number of pellets fired from 12 to 99(Basically more chance of hitting the enemy with more shots..)
Changed the magsize to 1 insead of 3, as that is more realistic
No longer shares ammo with the rocket launcher

Changes to the underbarrel rocket launcher:
Uped the RPM by 20
Changed the mag to 5
Made the minimum distance 2 instead of 20
No longer shares ammo with the shotgun

Changes to the PAC pistol:
Made the magsize 19(+7)
Turned the damage up(Almost double)
Made better closser, as the damage goes away with distance

Changes to the EU pistol:
Changed mag to 9(+1)
Turned up the damage(Almost triple)
Made it have longer range capabilities

Changes made to the Bp1_Sonar:
Made the range 400(X10)
Allowed for 10 in world
Made 10 mags, insead of 1

Changes to the Standar Anti-Vehicle guns:
Converted them into semi-automatic grenade launcher by increasing the velocity, explosion radius, and explosion damage.

I hope to be releasing the Beta of this mod be mid-to-late February!

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