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What has happened so far with the game, and What needs to be done with the game before Alpha release on October 2nd.

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The ALPHA releases in a few weeks, so here is the first update on what has been done with the game and what needs to be done to make the Alpha a success!!
What has been done:
Campaign Segment
Three Coded Weapons- Handgun .45, SemiAutoRifle, and .357 Magnum
First set of enemies coded and animated
First boss done
The Armory coded

What needs to be done
Voice casting

So with the Alpha, we are 75% done, but with the total game, around 25%. There is still lots of work to do, but it seems we still have some time. So much time, that we have started another game that will be released sometime after A2.
Thanks for sticking with us, more updates coming soon!!

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