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First news article, listing the weapons used in the map.

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I've created this page really, really late, as the map is very close to completion. Release, on the other hand, is a different issue.

Weapons list:
-M6G Magnum
-MA5C Assault Rifle
-M60A CAWS Shotgun
-M7 Caseless SMG
-BR55-HB Battle Rifle
-SRS99D-AMB Sniper Rifle
-M7507 Defoliant Projector (Flamethrower)
-M41 SSM Rocket Launcher

You also have the choice of frag grenades, or incendiary grenades.
No, there will be no Covenant weapons available for purchase due to tagspace. Also, enemies won't drop weapons, due to the amount of lag that will present.

Video of current gameplay, waves 11 - 15, not seen much before.


couldn't you make it so there can only be a certain amount of one tag at time. So when say a tenth plasma rifle drops from a dead elite it deletes the oldest one dropped or something like that

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