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We have the first update for you. We are showing you the new superweapon for the Allies, the Sigma Harmonizer Uplink. Extra we are showingyou the new Epic-Unit for the Soviets, the Mammoth Tank.

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This is the first update for our Mod Red Alert 3 "Xtended". Already has seen the two picture that we added into our Images-Gallery.

Harmonizer Control

The Sigma Harmonizer is an project from the FutureTech Red Alert 3: Uprising. We will put this feature into Red Alert 3. Also it is the new superweapon of the Allies, and will be able to stop the time for a few seconds.

Costs: Coming
Build-Time: Coming
Requirements: Coming

Mammoth Tank

As you already see, the Mammoth Tank again. We will put this Unit into this mod also. Everyone
knows that the mod "CNC Retarted Red Cocaine" is using this Unit already. We will try to
make a death-model, too. The Mammoth Tank is the new Epic-Unit of the Soviets. It will replace no units in the actual Red Alert 3 Game.

Buildable: Coming
Credits: Coming
Requirements: Coming

So, thats all we got for now. We continue working on this mod and will show all of you more updates. Please do not disturb us with the question: "Can you give us a release date". We do our best to make this mod releaseable and without bugs.

Thanks for reading.
Athena Modding Group


Are you sure you'll be able to do the Sigma Harmonizer?
It includes stopping time, that was a special thing that was added in Uprising's scripts that I'm not sure if is possible with vanilla RA3.

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i think it can be done easily, but i think i know a way to get it to work

just make it shoot a weapon that instafreezes everything thats not an ally(thus meaning it can only hit enemies) and have it wear off after a few seconds, no particles for firing or freezing, and no sound effects for freezing and the buildings dont turn light blue

shouldn't be too hard :P

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NCC-1701-D Author

We will try our best.

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