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see the news for this mod. I'm gonna introduce you for some news of this mod. and changelog is included

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Hello again!
It has been a while since I last posted anything something here.
Hope you enjoy the mod.

Now for the news:

- added assault squad
- gave assault squad fire up ability
- added American commander
- added American commando squad (for the commando wincondition)
- added an upgrade to add an extra squad member for Assault riflemen and Rifleman
- added retreat to commander ability (not for the commando wincondition)
- Medic station does now heal nearby troops
- re-added smoke screen and 76mm upgrade to tank depot
- aid stations can now heal and reinforce
- the Halftrack is now used by the AI
- the Halftrack spawns with a MG gunner

- added British commando squad (for the commando wincondition)
- added 75mm Autocar as the British AT gun
- added barrage ability for 75mm Autocar
- casualty clearing center can now reinforce units

- added Wehrmacht commando squad (for the commando wincondition)
- removed officer's supervise ability
- Faster panzer production ability does now work properly
- replaced panzer commands with Enable panzer 1
- added panzer 1
- medic bunkers can now reinforce
- fixed veterancy positions
- fixed self repair ability by removing it
- added panzer repair
- added three more panzer doctrine upgrades: camouflage, Panzer health bonus and StuH
- added three more Artillery doctrine upgrades: 18m Howitzer, Health bonus and 88 Gun
- added Lefh 18 m Howitzer Emplacement
- added 88 Flak gun Emplacement
- added Ostruppen veteran squad
- the Halftrack spawns with all gunners
- increased Volksgrenadier cost to 340 manpower
- added Field promoted officer (available at secret weapons doctrine)
- added ability for the "Field promoted officer"
to turn enemy units into allies(costs 120 and recharge time is on 180)
- added a more interesting description of the doctrines

- added PE commando squad (for the commando wincondition)

bug fixes and some other stuff:
- removed unnecessary files
- fixed a bug that disabled British vehicles when a reward unit was deactivated in vCoh
- a pilot squad will now spawn every time a plane crashes
- a "field promoted officer" can only be called in from a vet 1-3 Ostruppen squads

- added commando squad wincondition

- added Train Assault

Train Assault:
Player 1 plays as American and Player 2 plays as Wehrmacht, both players own a victory point.
The main objective are to capture the enemy victory point. you are not able to produce any squads.
Every 5 minute will you receive some squads:
2 Riflemen squads
2 Ranger squads
3 Marine squads
3 Grenadier squads
2 Volksgrenadier squads
3 Stormtrooper squads
And for every 6 minute will you receive the following tanks:
4 Greyhounds
3 M10 Tank Destroyers
2 Shermans
4 Pumas
3 Stug's
2 Panzer IV's
Infantry arrives with train tanks comes from the same place as the trains spawn.

Make sure keep an eye on this post as I will update the changelog time to time
I also made a brand new YouTube channel and I'm planning to upload some CoH videos
OEM #1 showing the mod
OEM #2 Artillery is my best friend
- Latest news from the CoH:OEM DEV

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