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My twin brother and I have been working on sever app games using UDK and have released the first two on the apple store.

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ECHO is the umbrella game that my twin brother and I are using to make several app games. Imagine playing super Mario, but Mario was blind, it simply wouldn't work, what about fallout, or gears of war? to date every video game has focused on visuals as the most important thing, what you see is what you get, Echo is different, your player is blind and uses echo location to navigate through strange and dangerous worlds, a new light on gaming.

This process started early this year with the microsoft imagine cup and has been an intense few months of learning and no sleep, my brother and i had success in winning the national competition, but missed out on the world finals. We have continued on the projects and have got our first two echo games to the store, a full and lite version of a maze navigator, think kinda pac man but you're nearly blind.

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