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A summary of the current state of the mod and its goals

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Hey there! I've been away from modding scene for a long time, but the #makeitsuperhot contest was a nice excuse to bring me back! I really don't except to do much, but I'll try my best with my entry... my main goal is to have fun, and bring fun to some people that will try it.

I've started this project on January 17th, and so far, I'm only working on it during my lunch time, which means I've spent 4,5 hours on it at most.

The "slow motion" effect based on the player is already done. I've actually lost a whole day on this, as the programming was already right, but due to the game's speed being unoptimized for multicore computers, the game wasn't respecting the time dilatation I set (which is basically the slomo command).

After finishing that on day #2, as I made it work just by turning VSync on the game, I went towards texture replacement. The basic was to put red textures on players, grey on weapons and pickups, and so on.

Then, I've tried SuperHot to see how it played, how much slow it gave, etc, and I noticed that Unreal Engine 1 doesn't seem to allow a Time Dilatation below 0.1 (10% slow), but in Superhot it seems to be much lower (like 1%, perhaps). So that's the first issue I've met, by engine limitation as it seems.

On day #3, I've started doing weapon replacements. Basically, as the default unreal weapons use Hit Scan (for enforcer, minigun, sniper rifle and shock rifle, maybe pulsegun as well), I'll have to make "new versions" of the weapons to make them fire projectiles, otherwise bullets would be "undodgable".

Right now, I'm also trying to find a way to replace the wall textures on the levels via the mutator, but so far, no luck. I have yet to research more about this, otherwise I'll be stuck and ignore this.

I'm ignoring the online component of the mod for now, and doing the things the easiest way I can. I already thought of a way to make it work online, but it won't be the mod's goal. Like, from each time, it'll choose a random player, and the time will be tied to his movements... and so on. I'll only do this if I get the time to make it right.

I'm also considering replacing all weapons, so I can replace their textures, adapting the game visuals to all weapons. It would also allow me to do nice things, such as slow the projectiles more than the time dilatation allows me, so I'll probably give it a shot.

As usual, it won't feature any custom models, but plenty textures. All of them, 1x1, single color, so I can handle them nicely, haha.

I could make the daily versions available, if anyone wants to give it a try, but was I said, so far it's very simple, and again, no online support, so only for bot matches.

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