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First test release of the HDR postprocessing mod for Serious Sam Fusion.

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Here's the first test release of the HDR postprocessing mod for Serious Sam Fusion. It's still at an early stage, incomplete and pretty rough around the edges but some people might still find it useful.

This version has been tested with v341203 of the game. Older versions will most likely not work. Upcoming patches may work if you're lucky. Otherwise the mod needs to be updated, aswell.

Edit: The latest update (v341433) seems to prevent the mod from working correctly (as expected). I'll try and see if I can fix it in the next few days.

It adds the following changes to the game:

  • Proper HDR Tonemapping (might still need some tweaking)
  • Improved Bloom (overall softer look, more physically based, constant intensity, but still needs work)
  • Lens Dirt (works, but requires better (i.e. higher radius) bloom to look good)

Some screenshots:

v0.2alpha screenshotv0.2alpha screenshot

v0.2alpha screenshotv0.2alpha screenshot

Download here (link removed, since it's not working with the latest version of the game. the download is still up on the "files" page, though)


  • Put the d3d11.dll in to the same folder where your Serious Sam Fusion executables are located:
    for example: "\SteamApps\common\Serious Sam Fusion 2017\Bin\x64\"
  • Set the game to run in DirectX11 (Options > Graphics Options > Graphics API)
  • Make sure you're using the 64-bit version of the game
  • Recommended: Reset the color options to default (Options > Graphics Options > Color Options)


  • Simply remove the .dll file mentioned above.
    The only other file this mod creates is a log file located in the game's log folder:
    for example: "\SteamApps\common\Serious Sam Fusion 2017\Log\d3d11_mod.log"

How it works (simplified):
The mod provides an additional code-layer between the game and the actual graphics API (DirectX11).
That way, parts of the graphics-related traffic can be intercepted and redirected, replaced or altered.

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