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The first Beta version with all the models, and the core of the game is ready and is been tested.

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New models were implemented and tested with the first Beta version.
Scale test on models we're made to see if they all fit together. This tests were made in several sizes, for multiple devices (IOS and Android).
The dynamic creation of Enemies to make it unique every time you played were implemented.
Almost are with everything implemented, only our big friend TWINZ are in development.
All the navigation between menus are finish, we just have to populate it with info.
The Social Network part are not finish, that will be for our next version.
Particle effects are still in development, trying to make one that will blow your eyes but not your processor.
Now it's time for the minors details needed to make it even better.

We have a lot to work , but the finish is very near.

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