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The issues encountered when developing a title for VR.

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The Trials and Tribulations of VR!

We are starting on a journey that is exciting, frustrating and yet very rewarding when it all comes together, developing a game built from the ground up to take advantage of Virtual Reality. While we explored the technology with our previous title Alpha Squadron 2, we ultimately felt that while the game worked fine on the GearVR the experience was too nauseating and we needed to go back to the drawing board and learn some more.

So, with that in mind we played Valkyrie, we played X-wing:VR and we learned some pretty interesting things about VR and flight sims, but most importantly, we learned that these types of game can achieve greatness in VR with the right tricks.

While VR is pretty standard talk among most developers nowadays, for most consumers, the tech is still a pretty new thing, so the plan is still to release two versions of this game, or rather one version that can be played as a standard flat screen experience or optionally in VR.

The key thing with Virtual Reality is that after all the talk about how to best implement it, the only way to truly get a feel for what you are doing is to get in there and try it out!

We'll be updating the game page with more details and information about Firewing: Fall Of Icarus in the coming weeks as things develop, we hope you will check back in to see the progress!

-Martian Monkey Games


I am trying to follow Your game project wherever I find it! :) About VR, or rather, about non-VR version/mode. Please consider making good "freelook" inside the cockpit, with options how to map it. For example, my "setup". I play PC flying games with joystick (and practically ignore ones that don't have that for some reason). And, now I also have self-made head position tracker, "EdTracker". It sticks onto your head, well, usually to headphones :) In Windows system it shows up as 3-axis joystick (it "feels" head movement down/up, left/right and lean (tilt?) left/right. I sure want to use that in Your game eventually. For those who don't have any tracking hardware, mouse freelook in cockpit is usually next good thing.
Best wishes to this game making!! :)

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