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Today we are sharing the first major ROTG updates with you all guys!

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First ROTG Major Patch


Today we are sharing the first major The Return of the Gods updates. Recently two new patches have been updated. Below you'll find an explanatory video with the main changes, and a complete changelog list.

Update 09032022

-> Aztec mechanics:
• String table changes to Capture mode and the Tlatoani aura were made to give more precise amounts.
• "Captures until cooldown" reduced from 25 to a value determined by age:
- Default: 10
- Heroic Age: 15
- Mythic Age: 20
• "Garland War Mode" was renamed to "Capture Mode" and the icon has been changed as well. Some stringtable changes to the Tlatoani were made to improve the clarity and precision of its functions. These are to improve newer players' ability to understand how to correctly/effectively use these features.

-> Bugs:
• The occasional "Finished TC stays a Settlement" bug (around since before this mod) was fixed.
• Loki Hersir will no longer summon the (unfinished) myth units Mimixcoa/Chiuateteo

-> Building changes:
• Tzompantli: -10% Favor production. Can now toggle Garland War mode.

-> Gods:
• Huitzilopochtli: Military upgrades cost: -20% -> -15% BUT now includes Guild techs too.

-> God Powers:
• Epidemic: Attack per "cloud" 10 -> 8. "Outer" clouds now have a longer delay before creation to give a "spreading out" effect, and allow an attentive enemy to try to run away.
• Decoys: Can now be targeted anywhere (instead of only over a soldier). Creates decoy arrow ships if cast over water.
• Amoxaoque Forest: No longer targets Atlantean villagers.
• Fire Strike: Power completed! Target an enemy unit to call down a fiery serpent that inflicts high damage to all players over a small area, but only lasts for a short time. Weak v. buildings and eco units. Deals more damage with each age advance.
• Hand of Fire: Visual updated. Duration: 35 -> 25. Now traps enemy units within its circle.
• Death from Above: Duration 45 -> 35

-> Technologies:
• Wild Diet: Tech Removed.
• Maguey Thorns: Cost 175f, 75g -> 200f, 100g (Favor unchanged). Hero Damage: 25% -> 30%, Hero Dogs Damage: 10% -> 15%
• Pulque: Priest HP Effect & Warrior Priest building rate: 20% -> 25%
• Aqueduct: Cost 200w, 200g, 30fav -> 150w, 150g, 25fav, Gathering boost: 25% -> 15% (desc no longer claims "greatly" increases)
• War Dance: Cost 350f -> 300f (Favor unchanged).
• New Tech for Tlaloc! Mount Tlaloc: Causes sacrificed prisoners to provide 10 Food/Wood/Gold (x2 for large prisoners).
• Solar Cycles: Cost changed to 200w, 200g, 20fav. Now available to all Aztecs in the Mythic Age (no longer unique to Tonatiuh). Its name was changed to warrior societies.
• Gladiatorial Sacrifices: HP Effect on Nobles Quarters removed. Noble Units now +10% HP instead.
• Festival of Death: Effect has been reworked to remove some unneeded protos and be consistent when granting resources.
- All types of units (not buildings) count.
- Grants 2.5% of the dead unit's cost as a refund for units killed by enemies.
- Grants 1.25% of the dead unit's cost as a refund for units deleted.
- The type of resource granted is the resource you are lowest in at the time of unit's death.
• Tepeyollotl Spirit tech renamed to Tlachtli.
• Monstrous Wrath will now be visible in the Upgrades section of the unit's info (ie, when viewing its history file).
• Flayed Skin: Auto-Area-Damage effect now only applies to Warrior Priests.

-> Units:
• Ahuizotl: Favor 16 -> 15, Attack 17 -> 15
• Ram: Train Time: 15 -> 19
• Quicklime Slinger: Cost 90w, 60g, 2 Pop -> 100w, 70g, 3 Pop
• Feathered Serpent Warrior: Damage: 8.5 Pierce, 0.75 Crush -> 9 Pierce, 2 Crush
• Acihuatl (Mermaid) cannot attack until the Classical Age.
• Tzitzimitl "Eat Attack" range: 2.0 -> 1.0
• Warrior Priests now trainable at the Temple too.

Update 11032022

• Fire Strike GP visual Fixed
• Some Language Fixes
• Some units for scenario and maps added (models, anims, sounds and protox)

Some screenshots.

Fire Strike, Hutzilopochtli's power:


Hand of fire, Huehueteotl's power:

Hand of fire

Jaguar Night, Coyolxauhqui's god power:

Jaguar Night

That's all for today, stay tunned for future updates:


Hola! Puedo saber si se encuentra disponible un árbol tecnológico de los aztecas?
Excelente trabajo con el mod por cierto!

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ABI3 Author

Hola un miembro de la comunidad creo unos, los encuentras en la sección de imagenes

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