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This is the first release of my small weapons mod, i would appreciate suggestions and feedback and please remember this mod is for fun and not realism so please do not complain about it not being realistic.

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THis is the .zip version to make it easier for everyone.

Download and enjoy!!

----- THE README -----

--- Zombie Weapons Mod ---

This is a small weapons mod i made in my spare time, it is intended for fun not realism. I have not finished the modd so keep that in mind while playing it. I still have a lot of tweaking to do.

---- Installation ----

This is for Patched V1.4 of the game.

To install place the folder "weapmodzombie" into your mods folder in

C:\Documents and Settings\(YourUserName)\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\Mods


C:\Users\ (YourUserName) \AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\Mods

If the Mods folder doesn't exist just create a folder and name it "Mods"

---- Uninstall ----

To Uninstall just delete the "weapmodzombie" folder.

---- Changes ----

Here is a small list of changes to the weapons so far.

Most to all weapons have an insane amount of ammo.

Some weapons have an increased rate of fire,
mp40, thompson, bar, stg44, all semi auto rifles, all shotguns and ray gun.

Colt is now full auto and does more damage.

Most to all weapons have an increased amount of damage.

Melee on most weapons kill in 1 hit now.

Melee on the colt, shotgun, thompson and raygun are insanely fast now.

Most weapons have a decreased reload time.

Betty's deploy faster and do more damage.

Ray gun has a smaller damage range but does far more damage and has an insane firerate and unlimited ammo.

Clip sizes for several weapons have been increased.

Moltoves do a bit more damage.

Sniper rifles are far more powerfull.

Mg's have same fire rate for now but do more damage and reload faster.

Flamethrower has a decreased overheat rate and increased cool down rate and does more damage, I might change the cooldown and overheat rates due to people that abuse the flamethrower and lag everyone.

---- Important ----

Heres an important part to remember.

Zombies do far more damage and kill you in 1 hit!!!

Even if you have Juggernaut they will still kill you with 1 hit so dont waste your points on it.

So beware of those sneaky or fast zombies because there will be no warning hit from them anymore.

I thought this would minorly help out the balance of the insane weapons.

---- And the very most important thing ----

Just have fun!!!!

Please do not change the mod without asking me.
And if i give you permission please give me credit.
I may set up an e-mail to take suggestions and feedback eventually.

All modifications were done by me WildCard.

WildCard Out....

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