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Hyperspace Colonization is a great mix of Strategy and Puzzle mechanics. Showing the main feature of the game.

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Explore the Universe

You are driving a spaceship with few settlers and some resources on board. The solar system is our past, the immense starfield generated procedurally our future. Up to you to explore new star systems, planets and celestial bodies of all kinds to find a new home for humanity.

Hyperspace Colonization Collect From Colony

Not all the planets you will find are hospitable. From the smallest frost planets to the gaseous giants, from oceanic bodies with dense atmosphere to fertile lands. Every planet would be different!

Planets Presentation Hyperspace Colonization

Collect Resources

In addition you will need a lot of resources to establish a colony and to let settlers and vegetation survive. The resources will always be limited and you can obtain them with a mini-game based on the characteristics of the planets that you will found.

Gather Resources from terrestrial planet

A grid of cards hides geographical areas of the planets, each zone has a specific pattern to be learned. Found all the cards of the scheme you obtain the resources of the area.

Hyperspace Colonization gif card gather resources

But you have to be aware of the disasters you could find.

Collecting Resources Disaster on Gaseus Giant

Upgrade Your Spaceship

The spaceship is the house for your colonists and plant species. You have to upgrade every module in order to survive during the long travel from a star system to another.

screen module upgrade

Unlock new feature in order to reach new dangerous land and reduce the resources expense.

Colonize New Planets

Your ultimate goal is to expand the human empire colonizing new planets. Terraform new lands will be more or less difficult. Grow your colonies and make them indipendent.

Colonize Planet Cards

Great Tutorial

Follow a complete tutorial that explains every aspect of the game in a mini campaign.

Hyperspace Colonization tutorial

Can be paused and resumed, replayed and show everything with a visual clue.

Game Modes

Play with 4 different game modes (2 already available). Play in the "Unlimited" mode without restriction in time or challenge time and score in "The Space Era". Play the "Survival" mode escaping a galactic disaster or be the best colonial spaceship in the "Versus AI" mode.

game modes

Collect persistent rewards and unlock new feature as spaceship, new planets type, new game modes .

Create a Colossal Empire (or at last, try to survive) in Hyperspace Colonization!

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